White Themed Parties are all the rage in warmer climates for a long time now and are always hip and in fashion……the idea is you are to wear white clothing. This type of party is ideal for an outdoor style party, a white bar-b-que, a wedding, the afters of a wedding or for a 40th party! Take it to the next level and serve only food of a white nature, white desserts, white party cocktails,    keep everything were white , including the decor. Get inspired with the ideas below!

The first thing to do is to set the tone for a white theme party with an invitation that specifically states what the party is all about. You could mention if you don’t join it ( i.e don’t dress in all white) you won’t get in!

Next, think about party decoration ideas.  Some quick and easy ideas – flower arrangements, white bunting, white throws on all your furniture if its indoors, white candles, white outdoor sparkly lights….and so on the list is endless.

Now on to white themed fingerfood and beverages…vanilla cream frsoted cupcakes, white cheesecake, a selection of white cheeses could be served with hummous dips adn white pitta breads/rolls, white pavlova, cold or hot pasta dish, white rice, white marshmallows, white oreos, etc.

And let’s not forget your drinks…  White Russian, Baileys with Ice, Kahlua and Cream!

Use a few of these white party theme ideas along with your own ideas and have a super white themed party! Enjoy…..