Hear Ye, Hear Ye,……..

So you have decided on a 40th Birthday Party theme of Kings & Queens…..a great idea we came across recently was an invitation that was done as a scroll that read I King…….. and/or Queen………..invite  (guest name) to the royal banquet at ( address of party) Castle to celebrate our/my 40th turning of age! The royal celebration will begin at ….(insert time) on the evening of the ….(insert date) . Please attend this banquet dressed in suitable royal attire….Princes will be given royal swords for bravery. The royal cook has prepared a feast of the highest standard for the celebration….there shall also be festivities including a royal ball followed by fireworks……please ensure your carriage will arrive at the castle by no later than ….(insert time). Please RSVP to accept your invitation. Try below to make a scroll invitation:




Princes will be given royal swords for bravery. and wands

Decide if you are having your 40th birthday party in a hall or at home. During the medieval times, dinner was an important part of a party and lasted for may an hour. For the royal theme party, recreate a medieval dining hall for a royal theme. Try to source large chairs or thrones that would be suitable for the king or queen. A pig on a spit or a large roast with the meat, would be a great idea (and really tasty aswell) for all your guests. Most Pig On a Spit companies come to your venue set up early and also offer baps, coleslaw, salad and potatoes alongside the meat. To make the roast an appealing part of the decor, garnish with herbs, potatoes and fruit. Place menus on the table and set the table with goblets ( cider and wine)  and metal plates. try to source candelabras and light plenty of candles to set the atmostphere in the room. Another appealing idea is to arrange large bowls of of fruit, such as grapes and different colour apples, and a few oranges as centerpieces

Heston Blumenthal share his fascination with Medieval food as he plans his Medieval feast.


Set the tone with some music from the period you want to recreate. Music for a Medieval Banquet:

Happy medieval music about a delicious royal feast. Enter a medieval world of music and joy from the middle ages. Sit back and listen as the court minstrels entertain you with their lively music. This medieval piece I composed is called King’s Banquet. I hope you enjoy listening to it. Thanks
Happy Medieval Music by Derek Fiechter:


These can be very easily sourced online or from a costume rental store. Ask all your guests to come dressed in the appropriate attire! Crowns, Tiaras, Knights, Swords, Shields..