Having a house party for your 40th is very popular and if it’s done correctly can be a great success and can be such a good intimate party. Invite your guests over, book some entertainment, have the food you want, sit back, wait for the doorbell to ring and let the party come to you!


  • Decide on a date and time.
  • Decide on number of guests – just family/just friends/both?  Do up a guest list.
  • Have you got the space to accommodate the number of guests? If not do you know someone who may have space, would they mind letting you have your 40th birthday party there?
  • Set a budget: Food/Drinks/Entertainment/Your party costume/clothes /Invitations – there are so many examples available on the internet.
  • Do up your Invitations – there are so many examples available on the internet. Here is a sample of just one company …


  • Consider booking Entertainment  – DJ, Karaoke, Band, Strippogram, Singing Waiters, Irish Dancers, Singers, Tribute Act or simply just use your own ipod for tunes that you like (maybe even from the year you were born or number 1 songs from when you were born to date)..the list is endless.
  •  Consider having a themed party: Fancy Dress, Kings & Queens, 70’s Theme e.g Abba, Disco Dudes & Divas, 80’s, Rock & Roll, Superheroes, Uniforms, Beach Party, Barbie & Ken, Movie Stars, When I grow Up I Wanna Be…16101032_sBook a Caterer or Cook yourself? If you want a caterer have you been to any parties where you really liked the food, if so ask for the contact details. Otherwise ask around word of mouth is a great thing! If you want to cook yourself, plan well in advance…bear in mind vegetarians/people with nut allergies..it may be a good idea when people confirm with you that they are coming to the party to ask them if they have any diet restrictions etc.Consider foods that the majority of people like: Salads/Bread/Dips/Chips/Tortilla Chips/ Sausage Rolls/Chicken Curry/Chicken/Beef Dishes/Lasagne/Finger Foods. Also think about napkins/cutlery – go for disposable or not?
    Paper plates = less mess to clean up!
  • If you don’t feel like cooking and you are on a tight budget you could consider POT LUCK party where each guest brings a surprise dish/ dessert or pudding to share!or get yor local pizzeria/restaurant to deliver to your house!
  • Also for dessert a nice easy idea could be buy a large assortment of retro ice pops and lollies and ice cream and maybe one of your friends could give these out for you on a pretty retro tray!
  • Do you want any decorations – balloons/banners/party favors.
  • Display pictures of yourself when you were little around the house or on a projector.
  • Decide on a birthday cake? Do you have a sport/favourite singer/football team etc that you like, if so you can order/make a personalised themed cake!
  • Play old movies that mean something to you.
  • Have a record book that your guests can sign and leave you a message when they arrive.
  • Do you want a photographer or Videographer?
  • Organise party games – there are numerous games available on the Internet.
  • Do a table quiz with questions about your life.
  • Book a retro Ice Cream Van
  • Book a bouncy castle
  • Book a Zumba/Salsa/Hip Hop dance teacher to give your guests a lesson!

  • Hire a photo-booth

  • Have a Silent Disco – check out Silent Events…they have thrown Silent Events in  some amazing settings, including: the beaches of Hawaii, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, rooftops in New York City, the Denver Zoo, airport terminals, Miami’s South Beach, a trans-Atlantic DJ Battle between Chicago and Berlin, ice skating rinks in Tahoe and the VIP backstage area at a Widespread Panic show. We even produced a USA Network Television premiere party for “Necessary Roughness” in the middle of Times Square!


  • Have a chocolate Fountain
  • Hire a Retro sweet trolley with sweets from when you were a child.
  • Hire a Candyfloss Maker
  • Hire a close up magician or entertainer.
  • Have a Barbecue if you think the weather will be nice.
  • Hire a popcorn maker
  • Have a Wii Dance Party
  • Hire a Tarot card reader
  • Order Fireworks/ Chinese Lanterns/ Pom Pomsc0f704_4c0b6b4119b3ea62de38a1d8efddedaf.jpg_srz_717_56_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzHave something different & unique at your party? Decorate with colourful and elegant Paperpoms!
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    All poms are handmade in London. Total bespoke service.  Largest selection of colours  in UK ( 60 colours to choose from). SWATCH SERVICE   – my lovely mother looks after  this part of the business. Paperpoms are made of up to 80% recycled tissue paper, 100% recyclable and can be re-used after your party. Poms are made  & sold ‘flat packed’. Marrying abroad? Pack poms in suitcases. Decorate: Tie to the backs of chairs, trees, gazebos, marquees, beams, carry a bouquet of poms, make a garland……​c0f704_519e06d6056f3ad0d55557f2d2d1a446.jpg_srz_971_604_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz c0f704_1764f9c54c339a09e97478af1c0bf542.jpg_srz_451_604_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzEach pom takes approx 5 mins to unfurl the layers to make the flowers, full instructions are included, or see my video link to the left. Each pom is tied for you with 1.5m white 5mm organza ribbon or monofilament (clear fishing line).  4 petal types to choose from: Rounded, pointed, scalloped or no petals (just more layers) giving a full ruffled pom.