So you are thinking about having an Adult pyjama party for your 40th Birthday , well games or some sort should definitely feature on the agenda.  They, very simply can be board games, murder mystery game, trivia games, poker, card games, or other board games that you enjoy playing. Try and think of games that will involve more than 4 people so perhaps you could set up 45 twister boards or pair off into teams and play charades or board games like The logo game etc . For your Adult pyjama party what about a WII dance party or one of the dance/sing a long games or a good ole scary movie. Plan in advance and have a good look in shops and on the Internet for fun ideas. Order in Pizza, light the candles, turn down the lights, pull out the beanbags, pillows and duvets and get ready to party!

Gangnam Pyjama Style


We are Lovin this – The Pyjama Song – Pierre FM104


The Beastie Boys – No Sleep Till Brooklyn:


Didn’t you know there is a pyjama song….

The Pyjama Song
Join the Revolution and learn the moves to the Pyjama Song.