If 70′s themed 40th Birthday Party is your idea of fun then read on. No disco party is complete without  Disco Balls and lights somewhere in the room. Music, lights, themed clothing and food, will all set the mood
for your 70′s Themed party. Think Lava Lamps, Inflatable furniture, Flashing Lights, Strobe Lights, Streamers, Balloons, Smiley Faces, Incense…..anything funky!

What to wear: the list is endless, think flares, denim flares, Farrah trousers, bell bottoms, think Saturday Night Fever, big collars, wigs, platforms, glitter, think Ziggy stardust, miniskirts, colourful clothes….remember, the 70′s were colorful!

Grab some retro DVD’s or play the following video below – have them playing in the background. Sound up or sound down , you decide but this will help keep your 70′s themed party intact.

Set up your dining area with smiley faces and pictures of notable persons of the ’70′s. Add70′s memorabilia around the room to give guests something to talk about.

See if you can source some old Instant camera.

Rent a photo booth:

Pop Popcorn
Cheese and Pineapple Hedgehogs
Sausage Rolls A.K.A Pigs in a Blanket
Retro Sweets
Betty Crocker Brownies
Potato Skins
Melon Balls
Carrot Cake
Marie Rose Dipping Sauce
Chips & Dips
Chicken Wings

Feeling adventurous – have a look at these retro Kraft TV Recipes:


We like this video clip….mmmmmm….”Mah Na Mah Na”……Typical Chocolate Bars eaten by children in the 1970s


Get In The Mood Check Out These 70′s Holiday Ads:


Philip Schofield takes a nostalgic look back at children’s television of the 70′s:



70s Disco Hits !! – Mix!! – HD – 30 Min long Megamix!
Mixed By Hoodlab….