1. Book a boat Trip.
  2. Go Bowling.
  3. Have your 40th Party on a Party Bus!
  4. Have a Trampoline Party.
  5. Go on a pub Crawl.
  6. Hire a Boat.
  7. Go Paint balling.
  8. Go on a trip abroad
  9. Have a weekend away.
  10. Go White Water Rafting.
  11. Have a Wii Dance Party.
  12. Book a meal out with your friends and family.
  13. Go on a shopping spree!
  14. Hire A Castle.
  15. Go to the races.
  16. Record a song with your  closest friends or family.
  17. Book a car and go to a racetrack.
  18. Visit a theme park.
  19. Go to a baseball game.
  20. Go Camping.
  21. Go Go-Karting.
  22. Go to an Ice Rink.
  23. Book a Cruise.
  24. Go to a casino.
  25. Play archery.
  26. Have a Spa pampering Day.
  27. Go to a show/musical or play.
  28. Go Skiing or book a Ski Lesson
  29. Go to a concert.
  30. Hire a fancy Car.
  31. Go for a Hot Air balloon Trip.
  32. Book a first class flight.
  33. Order a newspaper from the day you were born.
  34. Have a Party.
  35. Book a wine tasting course.
  36. Go Skydiving.
  37. Go Horse Riding.
  38. Book afternoon Tea in a fancy restaurant or Hotel.
  39. Book a cookery course.
  40. Go to the theatre.
  41. Visit the Cinema.
  42. Have a pyjama party.
  43. Go Deep sea Diving.
  44. Plan a trip around the world!
  45. Swim with The Dolphins.
  46. Have a cards/poker night.
  47. Go to a Tarot card reader.
  48. Book a sailing course.
  49. Have a Bar-b-cue.
  50. Go Bungee Jumping.